A Bit About Me

I started my journey as a ‘therapist’ nearly thirty years ago when I attended an evening counselling training course. I was the youngest in the class and was almost discouraged to join, as the facilitator believed that it is best to have some life experience when practising in a caring profession. And of course he was totally right. Since then I have been on a journey personally and professionally and I have learned a great deal on my travels. My focus has always been on developing myself, and helping others to do the same.

Forever on a quest for learning and to acquire new skills, I have trained as a counsellor, lecturer, homeopath, life coach, couples counsellor, doula, Reiki healer and nutrition adviser. I have also studied Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Transactional Analysis (TA) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and I graduated from my 3 year post-graduate training with world leader Jeremy Sherr in April 2013. looking back moving forward

Part of my evolving involved a two and a half year period researching, writing and publishing a book, Looking Back Moving Forward, Looking Back Moving Forward, a compilation of conversations I had with thirty four of the most experienced and respected homeopaths and teachers of homeopathy in this country. By clicking on the link you will go direct to the website where it will tell you more about the project and how to purchase a copy.

I have specific areas of focus, which I have separated on to individual pages on this site. Please click on the sunflowers above to navigate. One of my more recent areas of focus, not specifically mentioned in the sunflowers, is young people’s mental health and in particular addictive processes and addictive behaviour.

Please also visit my blog by clicking on the purple blog button above. This will take you to www.double-take.biz , a contemporary on-line magazine which I established in 2013 with my colleague Nigel Summerely. We write about health, the environment, relationships, the arts and much more, and we even have a problem page to answer your questions. Please join our Double Take community by clicking on the link and following the blog.

The focus for me is to support you in your journey to create change in your life – your evolution, your holistic alchemy.

"Rowena's understanding of any particular situation and the subtleties of her patients' needs is apparent."