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Rowena J Ronson – Intuitive Natural Medicine Healer

AFMCP (UK) PCH MARH RHom Lic(LCCH) Certs Ed, Nutrition & Counselling, Natural detox therapist and Anusha Healer

Offering You a Unique and Holistic Integration of Functional (Lifestyle) Medicine, Homeopathy and Transformational Coaching and Individual, Relationship and Family Counselling – and Intuitive Healing

Functional Medicine (for assessment, treatment and prevention of dis-ease)
Homeopathy, Nutrition, Homeobotanicals, Natural Detox Therapy,
Life Coaching (CBT, TA, NLP, Gestalt and Mindfulness)
Individual, Relationship and Family Counselling

and Anusha Healing

My Specialist areas…

  • Stress management, Dis-ease prevention
  • Times of change – physically and emotionally
  • Mental and Emotional Health for teens, young people, and anyone of any age suffering with anxiety, depression, addictions or anything else that limits
  • Breaking patterns of behaviour that no longer serve
  • Finding Your Inner Voice and Speaking Your Truth
  • Couples and Family counselling (for whatever reason)
  • Women’s health and emotional wellbeing (for all ages, and for each cycle of life)
  • Children’s immunity and health – sleep, behaviour, emotions, health
  • Teenage health and issues, relationships within and outside of the family
  • Eating disorders, OCD, self esteem
  • Weight loss and optimum nutrition
  • Supporting patients with chronic illnesses
  • Processing through journal writing
  • From Menstruation to Menopause
  • Your unique Menopausal Journey to Enlightenment
  • Fertility, pregnancy, childbirth and parenting
  • The developing brain
  • Modern day dating and the social media age (disconnecting through connecting)
  • Being Present
  • Your Soul’s Purpose
  • Your Authentic Self


Combining Homeopathy and Functional Medicine to assess and address the underlying causes of disease with a cutting edge, scientific, holistic, individualised, person-centered, natural and sustainable approach to health.

An inevitable advancement on the traditional disease-centered Western medical model – where patients are considered to be a collection of unrelated symptoms, to be treated by as many specialists, with as many different medications, accompanied in turn by their numerous side effects, which then need further treatment.

Functional Medicine encourages us to understand and take responsibility, and control, for our own health, and reap the benefits from owning our own choices in how we take care of ourselves and live our precious lives. A combination of assessment tools, lifestyle changes, education and nutrition are incorporated into this individualised model of health.

Homeopathy offers a natural and holistic medicinal approach to treating acute and chronic illnesses, on all levels. In addition, I used homeopathic detox remedies to support our bodies to eliminate the damaging effects of toxic medications. Functional Medicine and Holistic Nutrition provide the raw materials we need in order to stay healthy.


BB (33 year old female)

“In a world where I feel I have to be all things to all people and have lost myself, the space Rowena provides is a lifeline. With Rowena I am truly heard and understood as my true self however raw or ‘broken’ that may be, at any given time. Slowly I am finding myself with Rowena’s gentle guidance.”

SH (36 year old female)

“I was suffering from a chronic, painful and debilitating condition which was affecting me on a daily basis. I had over twenty years of seeing disinterested doctors and consultants and taking increasingly stronger doses of medication, which while giving short-term relief, had not identified or solved the problem. The results have been truly amazing. I was not prepared for my symptoms to all but disappear nor for the profound effect the sessions and the homeopathy have had. As a result of Rowena’s support, I have been going through a huge process. I feel that I am now getting in touch with myself and I am feeling my emotions again. I am healing issues from my past, which I hadn’t wanted to deal with. I have been re-evaluating my values and what is important to me. I have also become much more in touch with my creativity! The healing continues to be ‘body and soul’. It has raised my self awareness immensely and I am reaping the benefits. I like to think this is also having a positive effect on those around me. I now know that only when you truly care for yourself and your health, can you care for others and fulfil your potential. Thank you Rowena.”