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Talking About Cannabis by Rowena J Ronson and Nigel Summerley

Talking About Cannabis A Double Take by Rowena J Ronson and Nigel Summerley   RJR: Everyone is talking about cannabis these days. My clinic is full of patients asking about my knowledge of CBD oil or young people addicted to smoking weed. I would like to write something about this sacred plant for our readers…

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Half Measures by Nigel Summerley, photograph by Rowena J Ronson

Half Measures by Nigel Summerley A suggestion to work towards making half of our planet a protected area for wildlife might sound like the slightly bonkers idealism of some teenage eco-warrior. But the proposal comes from the renowned Harvard scientist Dr E O Wilson. And he’s 85. So has he perhaps lost the plot? It doesn’t…

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Resident Evil

Talking About Evil by Nigel Summerley and Rowena J Ronson NS: Is there such a thing as evil, independent of human beings. Is the idea of the devil rooted in some sort of reality? Or is it a way of expressing an aspect of humanity – an internal flaw? RJR: I am not sure what…

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Talking About The Floods

Talking About The Floods NS: It seems that people have always read some significance into natural phenomena – and in particular, major events such as hurricanes, earthquakes and floods. Most commonly, it has been felt that these were signs of some divine displeasure. And in more recent times, they may have been seen as the…

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