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HH (mother of 16 year old girl)

"My 16 year old daughter has been seeing Rowena for over a year to help with her OCD, anxiety and lack of confidence. Through using CBT and homeopathy and with Rowena's never ending support and encouragement my daughter is in a much happier place than she was a year ago. The appointments are times my daughter looks forward to as she is able to talk freely to Rowena in a safe, non-judgemental environment. Rowena is extremely knowledgeable on so many health matters and her kind and caring nature, and helpful suggestions make difficult situations seem much more manageable. We can't thank you enough Rowena for all the help and support you give us."

PL (38 year old male)

"I first came to see Rowena six months ago having hit rock bottom after an initial episode of debilitating panic attacks. I wanted a natural way of getting myself back into balance and for the adrenalin rushes to stop. I was being tormented by anxiety and thought processes that were really not doing me any good whatsoever. My life felt very much out of control. With Rowena’s support, I am now almost back to normal. I am 85% better and the improvements continue. The adrenalin rushes are now very occasional and I can now control them with techniques learned in my sessions with Rowena. Rowena combines counselling and life coaching with prescriptions of homeopathic remedies and flower essences and I have found the combination extremely effective."