Magical Energy Bubbles – “We salute you”

We all have our own totally unique way of being in the world, and in ourselves. This essence is what makes us different from anyone else – and comprises of our patterns of thoughts; our individualised combination of feelings; our ways of expressing ourselves and how we choose to behave; our coping mechanisms; our chosen approaches to self protection; our methods of interacting with others and our very own sense of self!

We are born with what is termed a social brain, a third the size that it will subtly become, which is developed as a result of the interactions we have with our carers, particularly in the first two years of our lives. And we know through the findings of neuroscience, that our brain is forever evolving because of its plasticity, as each event that unfolds in our lives, shapes and creates change – one way or another.

And the awareness that comes from knowing this can be used to empower us to heal. Relationship breakups, shocks, traumas, accidents, illnesses and incidents – they all knock us slightly or firmly, off our centre, shifting and altering our equilibrium. But with healthier thoughts, some loving guidance and support, lots of self-love and care and the healing that comes from perspective and time, we can regain our balance and use these episodes to enrich our lives.

In my practice, I hold the space open so that I can tune into a person’s distinctive expression of energy, their essence. Everyone I see is completely different from the person that has sat before in my big round green chair in the bay window of my sitting room. In this safe space, energy can’t help but express itself.

We feel this energy perhaps through a physical sensation in our body; or the way we describe a situation that is unsettling us; how we hold in our emotions and articulate them; and how we breathe. Certainly it will reveal itself in how someone interacts with me – and all of this is noted, accepted and held. The energy of a person always comes with them because, of course, we are that very energy – through and through.

Imagine then, while you and I perceive your energy together, our dialogue is also encouraging you gently back into balance. One way of viewing this is to see your energy body, as one of those magical bubbles blown by children through a plastic wand given as a going home present at a birthday party. The intention of our work is to gently gather that bumble into one that you can hold comfortably between your hands and place safely back into your centre through a warm, colourful and nourishing process. There it can settle and be still; it can fill you up with light and goodness and it can heal you.

We are so used to how our energy is; how it flows; how much we have; where, how and who we give it to and how we feel when we are depleted. But we might not be aware that we can actually learn to manage it more effectively, so that it can serve us better.

As a healing exercise, I invite you now to sit with your own energy for a while and bring it more mindfully into your conscious awareness. Perhaps find yourself a comfortable place and space to sit and self nourish, and softly close your eyes. Feel your body relax into the chair and surroundings that are holding you, one inch at a time… and breathe. Breathe deeply and slowly and visualise light from the universe filtering through the top of your head and through the space between your eyes. Feel your feet on the ground, or on the surface where they are placed. Visualise its firmness, its stability and its strength.

And then just be with your energy… surrender. With each breath in, see and feel your energy being drawn a little closer into the centre of your being and hold it there for a few slow seconds before deeply breathing out. This is a wonderful way of re-centering and re-connecting with yourself.

Most of us lead very busy lives and will feel the benefits of tweaks to our boundaries, so that our energy forms a more healthy, shapely, colourful magical bubble in and around us. A glorious bubble that doesn’t get pulled too far out of shape by our thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

In praise of our magical energy bubbles!

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