Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Homeopathy But Were Afraid To Ask

Nigel Summerley and Rowena J Ronson give their own individual takes to questions often asked…

Is it true that lots of famous people use homeopathy?

RJR: Lots of people use homeopathy. Whether they are famous or not is neither here nor there! But in answer to your question, yes, they do, including our Royal Family.

NS: Famous names linked to use of homeopathy include all sorts of celebs, from David Beckham and Roger Daltrey to Britt Ekland and Tina Turner. I agree that well-known or wealthy people’s good experiences with homeopathy shouldn’t really count any more than those of anyone else – but there’s no doubt that famous role models can have quite an influence. The Queen is probably the best-known advert for homeopathy – and it’s reckoned that she doesn’t go anywhere without her homeopathic first-aid kit.

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