Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Homeopathy But Were Afraid To Ask

Nigel Summerley and Rowena J Ronson give their own individual takes to questions often asked…

Why is there so much negative press about homeopathy?

RJR: There is not just negative press about homeopathy – it really depends on where you look. There are often very positive articles, but our minds generally remember the negative stuff – it is a sign of the very strange times within which we live. It order to answer the question properly we need to understand how journalism works, and why articles are commissioned in the first place. Homeopathy is a very effective system of medicine. It has been around longer than the current western medical model and was discovered in the 1700s by a German physician who was frustrated with the medical model popular at that time – ‘heroic medicine’ which included barbaric treatments like blood letting. Samuel Hahnemann watched too many of his patients die, so he created a much gentler way of treating them with minute doses of substances found in nature, and he achieved amazing results. And our profession grew from there. Rather than reading the biased articles released in the press, the best way of discovering homeopathy for yourself is to visit a homeopath, and see how your own health improves as a result. Don’t trust those journalists 🙂 
NS: There are “lazy” and biased journalists, but there are also others who dig a little deeper and have a bit more insight. But yes, the media generally seems to be a bad source for trying to learn the remarkable history of homeopathy and its achievements. A big problem is that homeopathy and its fundamental principles and medical paradigm cannot be explained in a few simple words – something that doesn’t help time-poor, soundbite-hungry journalists. And of course, the weight of much of the medical establishment and the pharmaceutical industry (and the power of money) is stacked against homeopathy. I would recommend getting information from the Society of Homeopaths, the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths or another professional body, talking to an experienced homeopath, and speak to people you know, who have used homeopathy, about their experiences.
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