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Fees & Transfers

Here are my fees for working with me. I see the majority of patients in St Albans. But I also can arrange sessions at Chase Lodge Hospital in Mill Hill. The fees at Chase Lodge are in brackets and are more expensive than in St Albans. I am available to see patients via Skype and I use it to support patients internationally as well. The fees for those sessions are the same as if you were coming to St Albans. Under special circumstances, I am available for home visits (feel free to contact me to discuss the fees.)

Homeopathy and/or Functional Medicine:

First consultation of an hour and a half £120 (£155 at Chase Lodge)

Follow up consultations of up to 45 minutes £70 (£95 at Chase Lodge)

Homeopathic remedies vary but are generally £15. £20 including postage.

Individual Counselling and Transformational Life and Health Coaching:

£70 for sessions of 45 minutes, £85 for sessions of an hour.

Couples Counselling and Family Counselling:

£85 per hour (and only offered in St Albans)


If you are unsure where you would like to start our journey together using homeopathy, functional medicine or both – then book a one and a half hour session of homeopathy (see prices above), and we can take it from there.

I look forward to working with you.



Unique Offering To Prepare You For Twenty/Twenty

All-In-One Intuitive Spiritual Card Reading and accompanying Transformational Essence exclusively created just for you– to clear the way forward on your journey towards the New Year.

For the rest of 2019, in preparation for Twenty/Twenty, I am offering sessions that uniquely blend Card Readings (including very special ones made in Avalon with mystical Glastonbury energy) and Essences channeled with Anusha Healing (to support personal growth and transformation). I am also using the energy of dowsing, and of crystals and you get to choose one to hold during the session, and if you like it, you can take it home with you too.

The sessions will be infused with everything else that I offer too – as I can only be me!

Hopefully you will come away from sessions with a good dose of nurturing, some useful insights and guidance from the Universe and clearer awareness of your journey towards a holistically healthier and happier you. I have been working in the field of natural health and individual, relationship and family counseling for 25 years, and I am all about transformation, personal growth and supporting you in your awakening to a higher level of consciousness.

From now until the New Year I am offering each session for £50.00 including the crystal, and the essence (which alone costs £20.00)

You are welcome to contact me to ask me any questions, or to book a session.

Treat Yourself – as it is always good to be prepared for a new decade!

LM (34 year old female)

"I can't recommend Rowena enough, She has helped me immeasurably since the birth of my first son in so many ways. She has assisted with baby complexities; reflux, colic and teething through to 5 year old illnesses including some very tough illnesses; chicken pox and whooping cough. Rowena is incredibly supportive and accessible in giving advice 24/7 which is so valuable when you have small children. As well as helping with the children Rowena was instrumental in helping me conceive my second child. I had trouble conceiving due to a traumatic experience during my first birth but Rowena supported me both by talking it through and prescribing a specific remedy. The very next month I conceived my second child!"

YT (31 year old male)

"My experience with homeopathy has been nothing less than life changing. The holistic approach is the way forward. Rowena is an excellent practitioner with a very good understanding of other cultures, which has helped me so much. She helped me develop the strength to bring the necessary changes in my thoughts, leading to good and necessary changes in my life. I feel like a new person and life has only improved since. I am so glad and feel indebted to her for helping me through. I will recommend her as an excellent homeopath and also as a life/family coach."