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Homeopathy, Functional Medicine and Nutrition

For over 25 years I have been viewing our health, wellbeing, and also our dis-ease processes, as our inner compass’s guidance system. My understanding is that we create signs and symptoms when our mind and body are out of balance, and with on-going care and awareness, and respect and love throughout our lifetime, we can continually strive for authenticity, equilibrium and flow.

When we begin to suffer from anxiety, our bodymind is telling us that something is wrong in our lives and needs addressing. When we are feeling sad, we need to feel that grief or loss, be with it, and move through it, letting it guide us towards healing. The same is true when we feel intolerant, impatient or angry. There are reasons why we feel these ways, and we need to respect our feelings and listen to them.

Symptoms such as skin issues, IBS and pain are often physical manifestations of the imbalance that already resides in our ‘self’, our emotions and our lives.

When we push our mind and our body beyond its limitations, we experience signs of stress because our entire system is designed that way – so it can cope – but it can only do so short term. We will find ourselves charged with adrenaline to keep us going through that period of time. But when stress continues, it is to the detriment of our immunity, our health and our peace of mind – and we will soon feel its consequences. We will become out of balance, as our system compensates, and those symptoms will cause acute and worse still, chronic disease.

Many turn to their doctors for relief of their symptoms. Antidepressants to numb our emotions, so they no longer guide us; antibiotics to deal with the infections caused by low immunity, which then reduce our immunity even further and leave us open to more infections; steroid creams to ease inflammation on our skin; pain relief to trick our bodies into not experiencing pain, so we continue to push ourselves when instead we should be listening to our bodies, and resting. We also learn to self medicate with behaviours that soon become addictions.

Within my practice I look to support you by listening to your symptoms and encouraging you to do the same. There is a reverse education in this style of practice, as it contradicts and counteracts the modern day bombardment of advertising that encourages, for example, our addiction to sugar, which is one of the ways that we undermine our health on all levels, every day.

I work with you to stimulate ‘your system’ back into balance and health. I do this by getting to know you, and as a result, prescribing homeopathic remedies that are individually matched to you and your unique way of expressing your ‘dis-ease’, your imbalance.

Suppressing our symptoms, forces our bodymind to create more serious illness, as the disturbance goes deeper and grows increasingly complex, and we then struggle more and more to recover.

Homeopathy, nutrition, holistic education and functional medicine, stress management and self awareness, allow us all to view our health – and heal ourselves – in a natural, complete way. This clears the path forward for a more vital immune system that can support us to stay in balance (preventing disease) or help us back into balance (natural, holistic recovery from disease).

We do live in an era of suppression through medicinal and recreational drugs, and alcohol and sugar but we also live with a growing understanding of epigenetics. How we live our lives is crucial in terms of our health. By looking after ourselves and listening to our body’s symptoms and healing ourselves with natural medicine – while addressing the vitamin and mineral deficiencies our lifestyle can create – we can avoid illnesses which we thought in the past we might be destined to create. (Epigenetics vs genetics.)

We have the power, we just need to open our eyes. Let me show you the way…

Working with me to support and nourish your health is a process. You might come and see me when you are going through an especially challenging time for your health, and you are welcome to do that. But I encourage you to see our visits as a way of life. I encourage you to see our relationship as one of your vital support mechanisms to help you through your healthy journey through life.



SE (48 year old male)

“Originally, I started seeing Rowena for the homeopathic treatment of my cat allergy. Being a pragmatic type, I had skin patch tests for that allergy prior and after Rowena's course of treatment, over about a year. Dr Morris at my allergy clinic identified a severe cat allergy before my treatment with Rowena and was then rather surprised, to say the least, when my subsequent skin patch test 1 year later, showed that I was no longer allergic to cats. Suffice it to say that I have continued to see Rowena since then, not only for Homeopathy, but also for life coaching. I've been with her now for seven year and she's been a pillar in my life - helping to sustain and (re)balance me mentally, physically and spiritually, throughout some very tough times.”

LL (47 year old female)

"I have been seeing Rowena for ten years. I am truly in debt to her for almost everything I am today. She has helped me immensely with nutrition, prescription drug addiction and maintaining good health."