Your Family

Homeopathy and Family Counselling

We do not have a dress rehearsal for our role as parent. In fact, we are totally thrown in at the deep end to our most important role. We wake to a world we can hardly imagine, and each day can be a wonderful learning or a huge challenge – depending on how much sleep we have had the night before! I support parents hoping to conceive but finding conception difficult, women during their pregnancies and births, and the entire journey as parent after that!

At least half my clinic time involves supporting families. From natural health care for little ones as well as positive parenting, to all that comes when our children enter the Teen Age – I am right here for you.

Not only am I a parent myself, but I also have had many years experience supporting entire families with all their members, across the generations, and with anything that might come up for them on any level. Think of me as the person you can turn to for everything large or small.

It might be that you are looking for natural medicine to support the immunity of your growing family. I have experience of most emotional and physical issues that arise with children. It might be that you are struggling at times with the great responsibility it is of being a parent. I am right at hand for that. It might be that your family dynamics require a little makeover and you need someone to hold the space and guide you through it, so that you can live more in harmony with each other. Family life is not easy sometimes, and I enjoy supporting parents and children to resolve, and more importantly, prevent, conflicts.

I work with families through every imaginable life and health scenario, and I am interested and committed to supporting you and yours, in all ways.

It might be you are caring for your own parents as they get older and you are noticing signs of their cognitive decline. If you are going through this period of your life, you will know they are frustrating and devastating times and there is little support out there, as you watch your loved ones change before your eyes. This is also an area with which I am supporting families.

Nothing gives me more satisfaction than working with each member of a family and the family as a whole, gaining your trust and confidence, over many years and through all seasons.


My work combines my experience and training in homeopathy, functional medicine, nutrition, and individual, relationship and family counselling.


SL (mother of 14 year old son)

“Rowena has been looking after my son for just over seven years – since he was six. She has helped him with anxiety, sleeping, concentration and his general well being. Over the last two year she introduced Cease Therapy with him, which had an amazing effect. There were very clear reactions and a very positive outcome. My son loves going to see Rowena.”

LM (mother of two boys now age 6 and 4)

"I can't recommend Rowena enough. She has helped me immeasurably since the birth of my first son in so many ways. She has assisted with baby complexities; reflux, colic and teething through to 5 year old illnesses including some very tough ones; chicken pox and whooping cough. Rowena is incredibly supportive and accessible in giving advice 24/7 which is so valuable when you have small children. As well as helping with the children Rowena was instrumental in helping me conceive my second child. I had trouble conceiving due to a traumatic experience during my first birth but Rowena supported me both by talking it through and prescribing a specific remedy. The very next month I conceived my second child!"