“I am calm, I am still, I am peace, I am home”


Nomada Healing Essence fosters a serene feeling of calm, stillness and peace following a frenetic period of searching and striving, together with a sense of coming home to truth, and to your inner wisdom.


The message from Nomada is:

Be quiet and still – and connect with the jewels already within you


I notice when my clients take this essence while here that they feel instantly calm as if a warm glow fills their brains and then radiates out through their bodies. Their experience is that the feeling can last for several days if not longer (just those two drops while here).


I also make up the essence in a bottle for clients who need more support, and they take it on a daily basis.


It is ‘inner peace and calm’ in a bottle!


Nomada is the master symbol/essence of Anusha Healing.

For more information, please be in touch.


My work is all about healing and transformation and Anusha is a wonderful tool I use for that.

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