Isn’t homeopathy just placebo?
All You Ever Wanted To Know About Homeopathy But Were Afraid To Ask
by Rowena J Ronson and Nigel Summerley

NS: The placebo effect plays a huge part in ALL therapies – and this is something acknowledged by conventional medical research. People have had dummy pills and even dummy operations and shown improvement in their condition. The mind and body, as long argued by holistic practitioners, are inseparable – and so what happens “in the mind” is completely bound up with the body. And the mind/body exhibits a remarkable ability to heal itself. The aim of a well-prescribed homeopathic remedy is to stimulate the mind/body’s natural healing processes – if placebo plays a part in this, all well and good.


RJR:  I totally agree. Working with patients for twenty years, I clearly see the difference between the impact of the session (and the desire to get better or feel different) and their reaction to any remedies I might prescribe. Both are potent, but they are very different. And of course it is completely obvious when young children are given a well indicated homeopathic remedy and their molluscum all goes away. Doctors cannot do anything for this condition, which can infect a child for two years and appear in every nook and cranny of their skin. Children don’t understand homeopathy, of course. They have not got better previously, despite obviously wanting to heal. But they do get better with homeopathy. It is the same with animals.

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