Launching Raising Awareness, Dig Deep Reach High – A new Healing Hub For Holistic Health And Conscious Transformation based in St Albans, Hertfordshire

by Rowena J Ronson



What does it mean to Dig Deep Reach High? What do these four words mean to you? I will share with you the roots of where this idea came from within me.


I remember as a teenager spending a lot of time thinking through stuff in the quiet of my bedroom. Sometimes it was an argument with my sister or mother, about which I was trying to make sense. Other times I would dissect an entire evening out in the early years of my socialising. I would replay conversations in my head, recalling what I had said, what interactions I had had, what responses I made, and then try to critically evaluate if I had said anything that perhaps negatively influenced the way an evening went after that. I had developed this way of thinking as a coping mechanism but I literally drove myself mad in the process. My mind was not at peace, and nor was my soul.


We are born with a brain a third of the size that it becomes, and it develops and grows as a result of all the interactions we have with our caregivers in the first couple of years, and decades, of our lives. We observe our parents, our siblings if we have them, and all the people around us and we learn how to think, feel and behave as a result.


Some of us learn to think a lot, and in my case it was because I was sensitive and felt my emotions deeply, but was not understood very well by my parents, so I spent a lot of my time processing things out to try to make sense of it all. I often could feel the emotions of others, as empaths do, but back then this was not a term used as it is today.


In my mid twenties I started to become aware that I was not altogether happy with the way I was thinking, feeling or behaving. I had made some major choices, including getting married, and on the rebound from my first love, and I had not done so very consciously. In fact it was a decision based on impulse and a trust in my feelings that were immature and altogether untrustworthy. I actually got engaged at age 22, after seven weeks of dating a young man who I had known for many years, but hardly knew at all. I did not know myself either, on any level. All that thinking I had done in my bedroom was unproductive and had not developed me or helped me understand myself. It had been a fruitless and misguided exercise.


But my marriage brought with it my journey as a mother of two wonderful boys, and I have never regretted bringing them into the world – not for one second. Soon after they were born, my future path started throwing me breadcrumbs, showing me signs (much like Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist), and my eyes began to open.


I had a serious health issue soon after my first son was born, for which conventional medicine failed me and caused me endless chronic problems in the wake of on-going antibiotic use. I was fortunate to be guided to alternative medicine and in particular, homeopathy, which not only changed my life but it saved my life too.


At that time, I attended the Mind Body Spirit Festival in London with new open-minded friends, who encouraged me to read James Redfield’s The Celestine Prophecy and Dr M Scott Peck’s The Road Less Traveled. I became aware of how our mind and body are entwined, and how we are living souls who are also connected to others.


I also started to learn different frameworks to help understand myself better, and others, and the dynamics that are created between people. As a result, I evolved as a person and I was always hungry to learn more. I learned that we all write an unconscious script for ourselves when we are young about how our life should be, and how we should behave. And we do this until we wake up and realise that we can unlearn the whole concept of ‘shoulds’ and realise that we can be more than our conditioning from childhood, if we believe we can change. And change can happen in an instant, if we are open to it.


And I have been open to learning, to growing and evolving – and to living a more conscious life ever since. I believe that if we dig deep, we can reach high, and as a result, that has been my experience. And my soul’s purpose is to encourage others to reap the benefits of living a soulful existence – a life where healing and personal growth is the norm, and learning from our life experiences creates our rich tapestry; where transformation is our intention and finding and exploring our soul’s purpose is an important part of our journey too.


When we dig deep, we can heal wounds from childhood, learn to re-parent ourselves and live a healthy life, re-write our conditioning, and build our own strong foundations, which nourish and sustain us. Those foundations will help us feel safe and centred in the ever-evolving new garden of life that we create for ourselves as we grow as a person. They become our earthy roots, our grounding, our holding – our holistic vitality.


And with those strong roots in place, we can grow upwards into more conscious awareness, and a healthier, happier, healed and aware version of ourselves. As we dig deep into the earth, we give ourselves the freedom to grow up towards the expansive sky, and as a result, we reach high. We learn to understand our watery emotions, and become more in touch with our fiery passion and creative life force.


Our vision for Raising Awareness, is to support you on your journey towards a greater understanding of you. Please join us for one, some or all of our workshops running throughout 2020 at the Courtyard Café in St Albans. If you have any questions, please just ask.


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