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Interview with the late Martin Miles, genius homeopath, spiritual teacher – forever inspirer

By Rowena Ronson | May 2, 2018

An Interview with MARTIN MILES Image: Daisy Chain – “Always Connected” (Taken from Looking Back Moving Forward by Rowena J Ronson, Food for Thought Publications, 2007) I braved the M25 eastbound through the Dartford Tunnel for my interview with Martin Miles on Monday 27 June 2005. I had made his acquaintance at a postgraduate seminar on…

Women and Men by Rowena J Ronson and Nigel Summerley

By Rowena Ronson | April 2, 2018

Women and Men Image: A Fresh Perspective by Rowena J Ronson NS: What is the difference between women and men? I wonder if we can go into this question deeply? We have touched on this before, but can we go further? Can we go beyond the usual Mars and Venus stuff?   RJR: Great question!…

Robert Davidson RIP (interview taken from Looking Back Moving Forward)

By Rowena Ronson | March 21, 2018

Robert Davidson – Original thinker, innovator and inspirer… “Homeopathy is a technology, it is not a science. It will probably be another couple of centuries before we have anything close to a science that explains it. Somebody fell over it, picked it up and wondered what the hell this is and found it worked.”   …

Latest published interview on about how I integrate Functional Medicine within my practice

By Rowena Ronson | March 19, 2018

Homeopath Rowena Ronson Is Interviewed By Nigel Summerley

Nigel’s and My Interview with George Vithoulkas, world famous homeopath

By Rowena Ronson | February 28, 2018

I wanted to share with you today, the interview that Nigel and I had the pleasure of co-creating with world famous homeopath George Vithoulkas. Our profession owes so much to the wisdom and work of this great and wonderful man. In fact, it was the experience of interviewing him that inspired me to write Looking…

Talking About Bacteria by Rowena J Ronson and Nigel Summerley

By Rowena Ronson | February 22, 2018

Talking About Bacteria   RJR: I work with a fair amount of people who have an absolute fear of germs. It manifests for them in obsessive behaviour such as debilitating hand-washing regimes and elaborate ways of visiting public toilets without touching them with bare skin. And yet our cells are only 10 per cent human.…

Talking About Reality and Fantasy in Modern Day Relationships by Rowena J Ronson and Nigel Summerley

By Rowena Ronson | February 21, 2018

  RJR: The modern-day dating scene absolutely fascinates me. My patients share regularly their experiences and, as I hear them, I observe how our culture is transforming almost on a month-by-month basis. Dating is nothing like it was, even this time last year. How can norms be considered norms, if they are forever changing?  …

Looking Back Moving Forward (book review)

By Rowena Ronson | February 12, 2018

Looking Back Moving Forward by Rowena J Ronson I thought I would share with you some reviews of my book Looking Back Moving Forward, here on my website. Reading this review through again myself, it brings back so many memories of researching and writing LBMF, which I began back in 2003. It was published in…

How Homeopathy Discovered Me…

By Rowena Ronson | February 9, 2018

Once upon a time even the actual word ‘homeopathy’ meant absolutely nothing to me. I could never have possibly imagined I might consult a homeopath nearly thirty years ago, let alone go on to study to become a practitioner myself and to help others. This story begins when I was 25 years old and pregnant…