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Relationship Counselling

We start learning about how to be in relationship with others when we are very small. We are born with a social brain, only a third developed, and as we grow we learn how to adapt to others by being on the receiving end of our carers, and observing how they respond to our needs.

And so it goes, throughout our lives – we observe, we react, we learn, we adapt, we suppress, we rebel, we need, we fear, we reject, we act out, we rage, we reproach, we shame, we blame. And within our adult relationships, we create the perfect forum for all of these behaviours to express themselves – and so much more, including of course LOVE.

To make things even more complicated, we now live in an era when the high price we pay for our persistent connecting though social media, is our loss of real connection from ourselves, our authenticity and our loving relationships with others.

I cherish my work in the area of relating and relationships. Providing a warm, safe, supportive, fair and non-judgemental space, I encourage you to deeply connect with yourself, your partner and the relationship that connects you to each other.

Our work together is all about you and your journey in becoming more self-aware, so you can appreciate the part you play within your relationships.

It is an honest, holistic, healing process, and a profoundly self-nurturing one too. And your commitment to this journey will do you the world of good! How can it not?

Couples counselling is a delicate process, which involves the holding of vulnerability, the keeping of confidentiality and the building of trust. I would be honoured to provide that service for you.

Some couples come to counselling to work through a crisis, others, with deeper issues. And some are searching for a safe place to work through a conscious uncoupling.

Let me support you on whatever journey you are on, and wherever it may lead.

I am right here. Just call me and let’s see how I can help.


My work combines my experience and training in Transactional Analysis, NLP, CBT, Gestalt, Systemic Family Therapy, Life Coaching and Relationship Counselling.



"Before coming to see Rowena, my partner and I were at breaking point. Rowena helped me to see how my defence mechanisms were pushing him away, and, working together with Rowena, we have both been able to address how our own behaviour was affecting our relationship. We are now a stronger, happier couple again. We can’t thank Rowena enough for her help, support and gentle guidance."


"My husband and I have been seeing Rowena for a year to enhance our relationship. We were stuck in the rut of normal living and family routines. Our sessions make the necessary time for ourselves and has made an enormous difference to our marital life. All in all, Rowena has become such an important part of our lives and I can't thank her enough for everything."