RJR July 2019

Me – Rowena J Ronson

I started my journey as a ‘therapist’ more than thirty years ago when I attended a year long evening class in counselling. I had felt the calling to help others early in life. I had just turned twenty and was the youngest by far. In fact I was almost discouraged to join, as the facilitator believed that it is best to have some life experience when practising in a caring profession. And of course he was totally right! Since then I have been on quite a journey (to say the least!) both personally and professionally and I have learned a great deal on my travels. My focus has always been on developing and healing myself, and helping others to do the same.

I have a very curious mind, which certainly helps working in the way I do. I am forever on a quest to learn and I have trained as a Functional Medicine Practitioner, counsellor, lecturer, homeopath, life coach, relationship counsellor, doula, Reiki healer, Anusha healer, nutrition adviser and natural detox therapist. I have also studied Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Transactional Analysis (TA), Gestalt and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and I am a graduate of Dynamis, world leader Jeremy Sherr’s advanced homeopathy training as well.

One of my more recent major trainings is in Functional Medicine. I chose to undertake this intense course in order to have access to practical tools to assess patients’ disease states and offer individualised treatment plans. (See Your Health page.)

Even more recently I have been attuned to the healing of Anusha, and incorporate healing essences and card readings into my sessions. My patients love them! They provide a lovely balancer to the heavily scientific Functional Medicine side of my work.

Part of my evolving journey involved a two and a half year period researching, writing and publishing a book, Looking Back Moving Forward, a compilation of conversations I had with thirty four of the most experienced and respected homeopaths and teachers of homeopathy in this country. By clicking on the link you will go direct to the website where it will tell you more about the project. You can purchase a copy by emailing me here through my contact page.

I work in general practice in St Albans where I see the majority of my patients and Mill Hill at Chase Lodge Hospital, and I also attend home visits when patients are too sick to travel or when I am working with small children (often good to see them in their own environment). I also work via Skype both nationally and internationally.

The focus for me is to support you in your journey to create change in your life – your evolution, your holistic alchemy.


DM (60 year old female)

"I started seeing Rowena about two years ago. I was physically and mentally broken. She helped me pick up the pieces and made me the happy and healthy person I am today. I could not be where I am now without her vast knowledge in all her fields and her kind and sensitive support."

KP (52 year old female)

"I have always disliked going to see doctors and feel very nervous even visiting someone in hospital. By contrast I look forward to seeing Rowena, as the environment is cosy and welcoming. I feel very relaxed talking to Rowena - it’s like confiding my innermost thoughts to a best friend. I can laugh or cry and feel equally comfortable. I also email Rowena sometimes, when I need to, in between appointments and get fantastic support."