Shadowlands – “What Are Symptoms Are Trying To Tell Us; Let Them Guide The Way To Your Healing”

Here is a recent testimonial from a patient who was experiencing debilitating symptoms,  as some women do, during her menopause. Her dizziness was keeping her housebound and her belly was swollen as if she were six months pregnant. She was desperately searching for an alternative to the HRT that her doctor was recommending.
“I went to see Rowena when I was experiencing dizziness and exhaustion due to the menopause.  I didn’t want to go on HRT because I really prefer natural medicine.   Rowena talked with me at length about my symptoms -both emotional and physical, and then she recommended blood, urine and saliva tests in order to tailor-make my treatment. I also decided to take DNA tests and hormonal tests in order to discover what guidance I could get about my health, my diet and my lifestyle from those.
Rowena provided a massive amount of information about how my body functions from combining  and analysing the test results. She uncovered what my deficiencies were, how my body was detoxing, for example, in which specific ways I was not functioning efficiently, what supplements I needed to take, and what changes I needed to make so I could improve my health and lifestyle, including dietary advice and reducing stress. She helped me understand my health in ways I had not thought about before.
Although I have always taken lots of supplements I actually needed different ones and higher doses of some of the ones I was taking. And some I discovered that I had been taking, were actually making me unwell.
I feel so much better now and I have to say that Rowena has been endlessly helpful and is clearly very knowledgeable.
I truly believe that the way forward for good health and happiness is through Functional Medicine and the information and help you receive by doing these extensive, easy to do tests is amazing – and the analysis Rowena provides is invaluable.
Try this method of health awareness and health care and you will feel much better and won’t be disappointed… regardless of what symptoms you are looking for support with.”
EL (Age 54)
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