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Women and Men by Rowena J Ronson and Nigel Summerley

Women and Men Image: A Fresh Perspective by Rowena J Ronson NS: What is the difference between women and men? I wonder if we can go into this question deeply? We have touched on this before, but can we go further? Can we go beyond the usual Mars and Venus stuff?   RJR: Great question!…

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Nature vs Nurture

Published in the Society of Homeopaths Journal, Spring 2012 Double Take by Rowena J Ronson and Nigel Summerley RJR Was Lionel Shriver’s Kevin born a psychopath or was his parenting a strong contributory factor? When we reflect on our own lives, how much do we honestly blame our parents for our issues, our stuckness and…

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What makes relationships so important to us, why are they so problematical, and can we change ourselves in order to make them work? NS: What are our expectations from personal and intimate relationships? Are they fundamentally any different now than they were 500 years ago? RJR: The world has changed fundamentally and in every way…

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No Worries

Have we become more self-centred or is selfishness simply a constant human trait? Is it still possible for us to evolve and be selfless? RJR: What strange times these are. Strange, selfish and self-centered, in fact. What factors have contributed to make people so wrapped up in themselves that they feel not only the centre…

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