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A Double Take on Maverick Homeopaths

A Double Take on Maverick Homeopaths Maverick – an unorthodox or independent-minded person – is often used as a pejorative term. But aren’t all homeopaths mavericks? ROWENA J RONSON and NIGEL SUMMERLEY discuss a fundamental issue – and welcome further discussion from you too!    RJR: We will all remember the first time we visited a homeopath. The majority…

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Sheilagh Creasy – my most influential teacher, RIP

In honour of the awesome and formidable Sheilagh Creasy, who taught me (LCCH, 1998-2001) to be the best homeopath I could be. She died this week at the grand age of 96. Her strength of character, her determination, her vast experience, her clarity, her wisdom, her continued commitment to learn and teach us all she…

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Looking Back Moving Forward (book review)

Looking Back Moving Forward by Rowena J Ronson I thought I would share with you some reviews of my book Looking Back Moving Forward, here on my website. Reading this review through again myself, it brings back so many memories of researching and writing LBMF, which I began back in 2003. It was published in…

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