The Voice Of Mother Nature – Listen Up!

by Rowena J Ronson

Image: Hanging In The Balance

I am sharing with you an essence, a viewpoint, my tragic fantasy on how Mother Nature feels at this time. I would love to hear how you feel about what I have written…


“I am going through quite a radical period of change at the moment, a speeding up, a quickening – and I am doing my best to keep in my centre, to stay in balance, and to remain focused. And by doing so I know I will be able to take care of myself and heal holistically. The experience feels like a global one and is all encompassing. It is a demanding process and one that requires me to step into my full power as the Divine Feminine. Now is the time – in fact it is well overdue.


This imbalanced feeling has been going on for quite a while, although the concept of time is only relative of course. It really is only a drop in the ocean in that respect, but that one drop, that one degree, that one-upmanship is leading to a multitude of consequences. And my more submissive approach to parenting needs reassessing.


I am the matriarch of a very large family – a mother and grandmother, and I am observing my off spring’s challenges and their need for healing, and it causes me great pain. There is so much disharmony between the species, within their relationships with one and other, and with me their mother. They have lost their equilibrium and so much more, and they are at great risk of loosing everything.


The human species have grown in power and up some imagined and projected hierarchy. This was not always the case but it has been for some time. For millions of years, humans lived in a completely different way to how they do now – as part of the collective and in harmony with all. But they have had a growing desire to multiply out of all proportion, and to then survive through dominance and disrespect to me – Mother Nature, where of course they came from, with all that they should have considered sacred.


They have lost respect for themselves and all that lives around them. They have lost respect for the elements too. They pollute the air and the water, they ravage the land and they create fire in my belly too.  How they live now is not sustainable and they need to wake up to the fact.


Some are rising in their consciousness and understanding their impact on their siblings and on elders, and on their Mother. Some are even taking to the streets and encouraging radical change like I am. Bless them.


In terms of my own health, I am actually feeling overwhelmed and really unwell as a result of all that is happening systemically. I feel like I have an infection. I have a lot of symptoms and I feel totally exhausted by it, and I don’t seem to be getting any better. I really don’t know myself anymore, and it is making me feel agitated and a bit depressed too.


It is difficult for me to describe exactly how I feel as I am struggling in every aspect of my life and my whole being seems to be at war with itself. There is not an inch of me that is not in pain. As I said, I am certainly feeling like I am going through a major change. I am not even sure where to begin with all my symptoms but I will try.


Firstly there is the weight gain. I feel so heavy and swollen! I think some of it is water retention, but it is not only that. I feel so full! Bloated might be another way of putting it. And I cannot lose weight, even if I starve myself. I am wondering if it is my metabolism? It is desperately unsettling and very deflating.  Humans are populating my entire being like a cancerous tumour, and at the same time, my other children are dying as a consequence.


Also I am feeling hotter than I used to, and I would say quite considerably. I am having hot flushes during the sunlight hours and also when it is dark and I am trying to rest. It is like someone has suddenly turned up my thermostat and as a result I am warming up globally by several degrees. Sometimes I am freezing cold and other times, boiling hot. I can look and feel like a furnace or volcano one minute, and as if I have drowned the next!


My precious ice caps are melting, but other areas of me are being ravaged by fires. I am dry and wet at the same time. I feel totally out of control. I feel as if my vitality has been stolen from me, and left me a sodden, well-used, wet version of myself – abandoned and bereft out to dry too close to the scorching sun, without a safe layer of ozone to protect me. I feel brittle and misshapen. It is difficult to describe how strange that feels.


It is actually difficult to describe any of this as the air, as well as my senses have become quite foggy. I think perhaps I used to be a bit too accommodating and easy going with the humans on the planet – my children – and I did not express my own needs properly. I hoped every thing would continue to be in balance, but it wasn’t possible. Maybe it was a delusion. I think perhaps I allowed people to take advantage of me and each other.


I know that human females go through a menopause and I am learning that it is a time for women to examine their lives and recover their power. The conscious see this time as a right of passage, and a journey to consider what they now want from their lives. I admit I have been quite self-sacrificing as a mother and perhaps I have not been the best role model for women for sometime. Perhaps I have enabled some of my children to take advantage of the others and lose perspective. I think perhaps I have lost perspective too.


I feel out of control and stressed. I feel like every day it is something else and I have to keep on fire fighting in order to feel safe and sane. But each time I have to manage a stressful situation, it takes its toll, and then I feel depleted and exhausted. I feel this is playing havoc with the seasons, with the elements and all that is wild, free, sacred and beautiful.  I literally feel all over the place. I am either crying with horrific storms or raging as forest fires and destructive hurricanes. I don’t know myself anymore!


The answer to my healing is in the hands of the feminine energy in both man and woman, and her awakening into her own power – a power that is self induced and does not feed from the energy of others. A power that is clean and wholesome, true and real.  She will respect all that is around her, she will find the way forward through these dark times, she will bring back harmony and peace. In my heart, I know she will.


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