The poem below is written by an awesome mother I coach about life, health and all sorts.

It is as wonderful as she is.

Image: We Are All Connected by RJR

Tomorrow’s Men – written for my boys

By Sarah Ryan

A boy falls in the playground,
Scrambling to his feet.
“I took it like a man, Miss”
A drum he’s taught to beat.

Another talks with passion,
About his love for dance and art.
The laughter he hears all around;
Tells him sharing wasn’t smart.

When boys feel deep pain inside,
And the tears begin to fall,
“Boys don’t cry; just be a man”
Is the mantra we recall.

What are we teaching tomorrow’s men,
About what their life could one day hold?
Tears suppressed, their young souls boxed,
Just comply, control, fit the mould.

The lessons our boys are being taught,
Fills me with fear and dread.
Emotions crushed, their spirits tamed,
A gender locked into their head.

And heaven help that little lad,
Who chooses that pink toy.
The laughter hurts, so blue instead,
Much better for a boy.

Our world is hurting and suffering,
The future feels so helpless.
Politicians stand cold and hard,
And corporations make yet more mess.

And those who seek solutions cry
Words like “war” and “hate”
I don’t see restitution there.
Just more walls to separate.

All around me I see trauma,
In the hatred others see.
If hearts will heal and men could feel,
How powerful we would be.

As for the battle of the sexes,
What a load of crap.
Just propaganda by those controlling us,
To retain our emotional nap.

What we need is hearts wide open,
With spirits guided from above.
When men and women both unite,
With strength, passion and love.

True strength comes from deep within,
When the tears come raw and true and wide.
To bring the light, enter the cave,
And face the monsters deep inside.

So sing my darlings, dance and play,
Let your spirits soar.
And if anybody laughs at you,
Just watch this mamma roar.

For I will always have your back,
You know that much is true.
As long as I still hold breath,
Your problems are mine too.

And cry my darling baby boys,
Weep if you see fit.
Let it out; don’t hold it in.
Our world depends on it.

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