This is a little something from the new book I am scribing about working as a… psychotherapist, homeopath and functional medicine practitioner… and Making A Difference… a collaboration with a dear friend and colleague of mine over in the States….

“My thoughts are with the River. I see our journey; our life; our life force; our healing energy – like the deep waters of a river. When all is well, we flow full and fast past the obstacles, such as rocks, roots and perhaps an animal passenger or two, with little disturbance to our travels. When our energy is vital and unencumbered we can overcome most things, perhaps even a large fallen branch if there is a strong healing force within us, and space to move around it.

And when we have to encounter many obstacles… entire trees, a narrowing of the riverbank, a thickening of vegetation – we will need to find it within ourselves to pool all our resources and find our way through. In bursts, we are able to do this so we are able to push past these barriers and continue our journey.

But what happens when our problems occur, one after the other; when we have no space and time to just ebb and flow whilst being at one with our stillness on a warm sunny day? What happens when our course is disturbed too much and we have no peace to rebalance and recentre ourselves?

Our waters may become stagnant and unable to move freely. We will find ourselves overwhelmed, stuck and unable to evolve with clarity and vitality. At those times we will have little light reflecting through our depths to guide us on our way. That same darkness within can feel like it has taken over our core.

This is where that tweaking process comes in…

I have collected a number of Tweaking Tools and Techniques that I draw on when nurturing my own River’s journey (from source to mouth, so to speak) and these same tools I use when I support the storytellers in my therapy room.”

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